6-Week Challenge to rebuild and transform your life



Erez Avramov's Empowered By Choice is a powerful program aimed to help individuals who experienced a life-changing traumatic event. Designed to help you rebuild and transform your life by crafting a personalized recovery and healing road map to help you accomplish your health goals, personal goals, and life goals that have been outside of your reach.

Six weeks to overcome your challenges and transform your life 


> Do you feel like your life is out of control?

> Are you confused and not sure what to do next? 

> Are you in uncharted territory where nothing makes sense anymore?


Our life challenges present a rare opportunity in which fundamental changes can happen. There is a spark, an opening, and a moment where you can realize the opportunity to embrace a new paradigm shift and rebuild your life in a meaningful, and purposeful manner. There’s a message and a lesson to be learned – something that can transform your life for the better. 


The Empowered By Choice challenge follows a proven, step-by-step coaching process to help individuals at any level of health take their healing and recovery to the next level for the long term. This online integrated program empowers you to commit to changing and improving your physical, mental and energetic health.


Empowered by choice  is designed to help you gain clarity and empower you on your recovery and healing journey to truly live a life without limitations. 

"Healing doesn't just happen. It is something you actively design and execute".

- Erez Avramov


Challenge starts October 4th.

Challenge Highlights


Learn anywhere and at your own pace. The program is designed for seamless mobile and desktop experience



Deep transformation in six weeks delivered in bite-sized segments that require just 20 minutes a day



Empowered by choice keeps you accountable with daily reminder emails, completion targets and state of the art technology



Completely private - you have private access to your online membership platform. Your information is not shared with anyone

Empowered By Choice challenge is based on the Life Rebuilder road map. A  proven methodology used successfully by Erez Avramov and hundreds of fellow Life Rebuilders. During the 6-week challenge you'll follow a step by step process on how to craft, execute and implement your personalized Life Rebuilder road map.

About Erez Avramov - Founder of Life Rebuilder Academy







Erez Avramov is a Life Rebuilder architect, who has been trained and shaped by life’s most challenging adversities. Bound and deeply driven to explore the human potential, Erez has developed proven methodologies that help people navigate and adapt to change. 

Avramov is internationally recognized and is the founder of the Life Rebuilder Academy. His mandate is to help people rebuild their life after devastating events to a place of peace and acceptance. Erez believes that when we arrive at our “darkest night of the soul” it has the potential to be our greatest gift. Erez shares his years of knowledge that has helped his clients to ignite their own path and move from rock bottom to pure greatness with clarity and confidence. 

No stranger to adversity, Erez has faced numerous ‘blast radius’ events and three near death experiences. In fall 2011, Erez was in a near fatal car accident, followed by years of recovery and multiple surgeries. Three years later arriving to a clear choice that in-order to live a life free of pain and prescriptions he chose to electively amputate his right leg below the knee. This difficult decision gave Erez the opportunity to fully regain control of his life and better his mobility. He then decided to pursue a monumental physical challenge (Dakar) that proved to be his greatest teacher on the power of surrender and letting go after he crashed his bike in a race nearly losing his life again. His third and toughest near death experience was a heart attack in January 2018 that brought him closer to mortality than ever. 

How to deal with devastation, rebuild life and take 100% accountability has become his indispensable life tools that he shares on his personal blog ‘it’s not about my leg’. This blog is his personal heart -centred journey that became the catalyst to the Life Rebuilder Academy. Erez was overwhelmed by countless people who connected with him from all over the world and shared their struggle, asking for guidance. This inspired Erez to give back and be of service by sharing his methodology that has helped him recover so quickly and with incredible results.     

How does the challenge work?

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Challenge starts October 4th.