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  • Find out what's the biggest mistake that 
    can hold you back from full recovery

  • Learn how to design a powerful 
    recovery plan

  • Identify your “New Normal” and 
    get inspired for what’s possible 

This Free Training will help you:

Identify the core challenges affecting your recovery
and help you create a personalized strategy that will assist you to overcome limitations and personal challenges. 

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“I was skeptical before signing up because I did other programs in the past that didn't deliver very well. Now I am on track, achieving my goals and have a strong plan in place.”

Robbin Martinson

"I tried to ‘get better’ on my own, promising myself that my situation was temporary and solvable. When I finally realized that things were only getting worse and this was something that required experienced help, I decided to take Erez's program. Within a few weeks I already saw results and started to show up and do the work, pouring rain or shine. I look forward to it, crave it and feel powerful. While taking this program, a number of other things fell into place and now I feel in control, I absolutely know and feel that I will be healthy and I no longer look outside for band-aid help. I feel so incredibly hopeful and proud of myself. I am so grateful to Erez and look forward to working with him again because nothing else has helped me shift my mindset as much." 

Nikol Haskova

"I like how open and honest Erez was, discussing the realities in the build and aftermath of an amputation. It helped to prepare for what was to come"


"Erez helped me realize that I am on a journey. While my journey is far from over, Erez continues to provide wisdom and guidance and I know I will come out on top!"