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Six Weeks To Overcome Your Challenges And Transform Your Life 


Erez Avramov's Empowered By Choice is a powerful program designed to help you regain control and transform your life by crafting a step-by-step personalized roadmap to help you accomplish your health goals, personal goals, and life goals that have been outside of your reach.

How Are YOU Going To Do It?

How Would You Like to Have Erez Avramov Help You


his proven Life Rebuilder Road-map plan...

the same process that repeatedly and successfully enabled

him to rebuild and transform his own life after 3 near death experiences.

(...with weekly training and coaching for 6 weeks?)

For most who have experienced a life changing event, related to health, relationship, financial or work, the biggest challenge in getting your life under control is NOT a lack of information...

It's lack of CLARITY and EXECUTION...

(or, not knowing where to begin).


There are two main reasons why we get stuck and simply can't move forward...


1 - We don't know how or what approach will work for US specifically...

2 - We don't have anyone to hold us accountable to getting it done.



What if you had a COACH to take you by the hand, and navigate you thorough the details and strategy of crafting and implementing your very own Personalized Life Rebuilder Roadmap... so that you knew exactly what to do (AND how to do it) every single time you feel overwhelmed by life?

Introducing ...Your

Led by Erez Avramov - internationally known as the Life Rebuilder architect, the 'Empowered By Choice' Challenge is designed to help you Customize and IMPLEMENT your own personalized Life Rebuilder Road-map in just 6 weeks...

About Erez Avramov - Founder of Life Rebuilder Academy

Erez Avramov is a Life Rebuilder architect, who has been trained and shaped by life’s most challenging adversities. Bound and deeply driven to explore the human potential, Erez has developed proven methodologies that help people navigate and adapt to change. 

Avramov is internationally recognized and is the founder of the Life Rebuilder Academy. His mandate is to help people rebuild their life after devastating events to a place of peace and acceptance. Erez believes that when we arrive at our “darkest night of the soul” it has the potential to be our greatest gift. Erez shares his years of knowledge that has helped his clients to ignite their own path and move from rock bottom to pure greatness with clarity and confidence. 

No stranger to adversity, Erez has faced numerous ‘blast radius’ events and three near death experiences. In fall 2011, Erez was in a near fatal car accident, followed by years of recovery and multiple surgeries. Three years later arriving to a clear choice that in-order to live a life free of pain and prescriptions he chose to electively amputate his right leg below the knee. This difficult decision gave Erez the opportunity to fully regain control of his life and better his mobility. He then decided to pursue a monumental physical challenge (Dakar) that proved to be his greatest teacher on the power of surrender and letting go after he crashed his bike in a race nearly losing his life again. His third and toughest near death experience was a heart attack in January 2018 that brought him closer to mortality than ever. 

About Life Rebuilder Road-map

The Life Rebuilder Road-map has been developed by Erez to help him navigate some of life's most challenging adversities. Over the years Erez perfected the process using insights and real life results that enabled him to rebuild and transform his own life dealing with three separate near death experiences. He now teaches and shares this life changing process with others.


During the challenge, Erez will lay a solid groundwork that will enable you to master the CORE fundamentals and strategy behind the Life Rebuilder Road-map. He will walk you through the process and the "how to" of designing and implementing your own Life Rebuilder road-map.

Erez will serve as your coach and accountability partner throughout the challenge. You'll have direct access to ask questions and receive extra help with completing your tasks. 


Erez's "no excuses" supportive approach will keep you accountable to getting your tasks DONE! and end the challenge with your personalized Life Rebuilder Road-map COMPLETED!

Empowered By Choice Core Topics:


The Challenge follows the Life Rebuilder Road-map path and provide a deep dive process aimed at establishing a solid foundation by covering the key 3 main pillars of life:


> Physical body

> Mental body

> Energy body 


We will cover in depth the following subjects (partial list):

Nutrition - how to create a personalized nutrition plan to achieve and support your health goals.


Fitness And Exercise - find out what is the best approach for your specific body type, health condition and fitness goals.



Stress And Energy Management - uncover the source of stress and how to reduce it.

Here Is Your Mission, 

(Should You Choose to Accept this Challenge...)

Your Challenge is To TAKE ACTION And

Complete The Tasks Given To You,

Every Week For 6 Weeks

Yes, there will be some prep-work involved...


Yes, there will be homework...


But every week, you'll be taking powerful steps toward rebuilding and transforming your life!


My only question for you is...


"Do YOU Have What It Takes?"

By the time the challenge is over, you will have a complete personalized Life Rebuilder Road-map built, tested and ready for daily use!

Not only will Erez help you craft and implement your personalized Life Rebuilder Road-map, but you’ll have it created and FINISHED by the end of the challenge! 


And, you’ll be able to use it throughout your life at any time when transformation and focus is needed. 


This challenge is NOT for everyone!

Who is it FOR: 


If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and show up for yourself in the next 6 weeks...


If you want to be trained weekly by Erez Avramov, and have him PULL you in the right direction...


If you need a good hard PUSH from a coach who will hold you accountable, and make sure that you get these tasks DONE (no excuses!)...


Then I invite you to accept the ‘Empowered By Choice 6-week challenge, get your life under control, and start creating transformations that will forever change your life!

Are You Ready?


I Also Want To REWARD You

With 3 Great Bonuses

When You Accept The Empowered By Choice Challenge Today!

Bonus #1

Lifetime UNLIMITED Access To Video And Audio Recordings 

You get UNLIMITED lifetime access to the archives of all recorded sessions.


You get the recordings of every call (video and audio, streamable and downloadable).


...you can ALWAYS come back to these archives and watch (and re-watch) any lesson, any time you want!

Bonus #2

5-Day Audio Course - Daily Winning Rituals 

Daily Winning Ritual is the foundation of your day.

In this program you will learn a step by step process on how to create, integrate, and execute a powerful daily winning ritual that establishes a solid foundation, and provides clarity and focus in every facet of your life.  You'll learn how to create a daily winning ritual that empowers you, and how to implement it into your life every day.

Bonus #3

How To Make Your Day A 10 mini-course

'How to Make Your Day a 10' mini course is a powerful process aimed to enhance your daily life and infuse it with purpose and awareness. This short but powerful daily process will help you move the needle in your relationships, communication and personal accountability


Your Questions Answered 

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EVERYTHING You'll Get When You Accept The Empowered By Choice 6-Week Challenge Today!

  • Empowered By Choice 6-week course coached by Erez Avramov ($997 Value)

  • Personalized Life Rebuilder Road-map ($347 Value)

  • Unlimited Access To Video and Audio Recordings ($47 Value)

  • 5-Day Audio Course - Daily Winning Rituals  ($97 Value)

  • How To Make Your Day A 10 mini-course ($47 Value)

Total Value: $1535

If you want to get your Life Rebuilder Road-map LIVE and start rebuilding and transforming your life, then this is your time!

You have 6 weeks starting October 4th...


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